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What Steps are needed to obtain A Internet Web site?

1.First, you must pick a DOMAIN name that will be most appropriate for you business. It is important to try and keep the name simple and if possible, as short as you can.

2. The DOMAIN name must be registered. The registration of domain names or addresses called URLs are done through government controlled companys. The cost can be from $5.95 to $ 12.95 for each domain name depending on the . extensions. They can be billed direct to you (because you are the owner). It takes a few days to register a name.

3. A web site has to be designed that will convey your message to the world. Special META TAG codes are included and hidden in the design to allow search engine robots to find your site. Time to design a web site varies with the size of the site, usually a few weeks and the cost also depends on the complexly.

4.When the design is finished the web site must be setup on a web server or host.
will put the web site on to the Internet. It takes a few days for the Internet Address to be setup on the web. The I.S.P. or host cost depends on the size, features and can be billed by the month or by the year

5.After the web site is on the Internet, the site can be submitted to a series of search engines that will allow people to find your web site by looking at the search engines. It can take up to several weeks for search engines to list the site. To get a good listing on the search sites takes a lot of work for the site to be resubmitted continually. This can be done at an additional cost.

6. The web address should then be promoted by adding the web address to all company stationary, business cards and literature.

7. It is important that all activity that is generated by the web site such as e-mail and requests for information be promptly answered.

8. The web site should also be maintained and updated often to be effective .